VIVA 3 wall mount plastic loudspeakers

Our newest high profile loudspeaker VIVA 3 combines best design and great sound. VIVA 3 is our smallest cabinet loudspeaker with elegant mounting bracket. It has built in high quality 3-inch precision coaxial driver with excellent sound reproduction. For those who will design 100V systems, can install this speaker directly in, the loudspeaker has built in 100V transformer. For low impedance speaker lines- 16Ω speaker input can be selected. This allows to use more speakers in one chain. VIVA 3 was equipped with professional input and output Phoenix connectors to make installation simple and easy. Speakers are designed to use in upscale shops, restaurants, bars and other places, where high quality background music is required. In combination with our subwoofer SUB 100V, sound can be enhanced with low frequency.