AMC Baltic started in January 2008, as a company manufacturer of loudspeakers and electronics

AMC Baltic was established in January 2008. We are manufacturer of loudspeakers and electronics. Several years have passed to establish a modern and flexible company, operating in a highly competitive international market. From simple ceiling loudspeakers to EN54 certified speakers, from mixing amplifiers to high technology audio devices, from local supplies to international distributor network establishment - the way our company passed in the last years. AMC Baltic now is a strong international partner when any kind of public address or voice evacuation product comes to inquiry. AMC brand is appreciated in the market for its quality and reliability. Today we offer a very large choice of speakers and electronics:     


  • Cabinet loudspeakers
  • Installation amplifiers
  • Ceiling loudspeakers
  • Professional power amplifiers
  • Ceiling low impedance loudspeakers
  • Music players
  • Horn loudspeakers
  • Mixing preamplifiers
  • Spherical loudspeakers
  • Zone mixers
  • Column loudspeakers
  • Wireless microphones
  • Professional loudspeakers
  • Microphones
  • Subwoofers
  • Volume controls
  • Mixing amplifiers
  • Speaker cables

Our target is contractor market. Simple, reliable and competitive priced products are always in our mind and of course in our warehouse. We are focusing on public address and voice evacuation applications. When markets need large quantities and fast delivery time, we are the first choice. Our customers can order thousands of loudspeakers and electronics; we usually have it on stock. The shipments are reaching our clients in some days.

Today we sell to 38 countries worldwide. Between our customers are the names such as: Honeywell, BLC Turva, Imlight Showtechnic, Starfelt, Karadag Electronics, Norsk Lydteknikk, ABISS, Proeling, Linearic, Digitalemotions, Novar, E-sistemas, Audiologic, Integrate Audio, Eltek, Sisme, SGTC Professional, AVmax, Promedias, Genaudio.

You can recognize our products with the AMC letters on the speaker body in many prestigious buildings around the Globe.

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Product catalog

Product catalog

Wherever you go, wherever public facility you visit-a good, reliable sound system is mandatory. With over 10 years of experience, AMC BALTIC provides the best possible solutions and redefines the benchmark for affordable commercial sound equipment. Specializing in Public Address and other commercial sound applications, AMC line of products covers the needs of even the most demanding of contractors.