Horn loudspeakers

H horn loudspeakers

H - horn loudspeakers. The traditional design, robust construction and high SPL allow using these horn speakers in large and medium sized public address and voicing evacuation systems, where high efficiency of sound announcements is required. Specific frequency set up, high SPL present these devices for work in the noisy environments where detailed and loud voice announcements are necessary. The U-form mounting bracket and built-in 100V transformer with power attenuator.

H 15 metal horn loudspeakers
Rated power
15 W
Transformer power taps
15 W - 10 W - 5 W - 3 W
103 dB (1 W/ 1 m)
Frequency response
400 Hz – 8 kHz
ø200 mm x 241 mm
White RAL9018

H15 metal horn speaker 15W at 400Hz-8 kHz. It’s high quality horn speakers for voice evacuation and public address systems. 102,6 dB sensitivity makes these horn speakers suitable for noisy and large environments where powerful and clear middle range sound reproduction is required.