Sound projectors

SP plastic sound projectors

SP plastic advanced design sound projectors with built-in 100 V transformers have high quality sound reproduction for music and speech. IP55 rated. This makes them usable for installations in almost every commercial and industrial environment: supermarkets, pools, warehouses, factory buildings, railway stations, car parking lots, where clear high-quality directional sound is required.

SP 10 plastic sound projectors
Rated power
10 W
Transformer power taps
10 W - 5 W - 2,5 W
91 dB (1 W/1 m)
Frequency response
130 Hz – 15 kHz
ø 138 mm × 205 mm
White RAL9016, Black RAL9017

SP10 plastic 10W power sound projectors. Quality sound, U-bracket mount, 100V transformer power taps, 130° sound dispersion and 130Hz-15kHz frequency response. SP 10 has built-in 5" (127 mm) full range speaker.