Darius & Girėnas Stadium in Kaunas

The newly opened Darius and Girėnas Stadium is the first football infrastructure building in Lithuania that meets the requirements of the 4th UEFA category. The roofed tribunes can accommodate 15,000 spectators and during concerts the stadium can accommodate up to 30,000 spectators – currently it is the largest closed concert space in Lithuania.


Evacuation warning sound system

The stadium is equipped with a completely separate fire warning and evacuation control system, containing 29 sound zones. This system is located in the common areas and in addition to the evacuation announcements, it also performs the function of providing background music and commercial messages to the common areas. The system meets the strict standards of EN54 requirements – ensuring clear and comprehensible audibility of messages, the main components of the system are resistant to the effects of fire and heat up to the expected limits. A total power of the entire system is 7000 W.

EN54-24 loudspeakers.
HQ 15EN - 81 qty.
iA installation amplifiers.
iA4x125 - 1 qty.
iSpeak 5EN
EN54-24 loudspeakers.
iSpeak 5EN - 353 qty.
Music players.
LIVE RADIO - 1 qty.
SP 10EN, black
EN54-24 loudspeakers.
SP 10EN, black - 206 qty.
VC 60R
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VIVA 5 - 16 qty.