New SBS 10 active subwoofer

AMC Baltic engineer introduces functionality and operations.


SBS 10 - active subwoofers intended to create an impressive well-balanced and rich sound system in the small and medium rooms. It contains an integrated 160 W amplifier for a subwoofer and 2 x 60 W amplifiers for external passive speakers. Due to balanced and unbalanced inputs subwoofer can be widely used with any type of audio installations. It also features a built-in equalizer for treble and bass control, protection against overloading, overheating, and clipping outputs. SBS 10 is compatible with 100 V audio systems. A variety of stand-alone sound system configurations are available by combining subwoofer with different selected external passive speakers.


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New AMP professional power amplifiers

AMC introduces new professional D class power amplifiers AMP 500, AMP 1500, and AMP 4X500 for any venue that values great sound reinforcement with easy usage and reliability. AMP series consists of from 2 up to 4 channels amplifiers with different RMS power options. Fully separated channels and power supplies guaranteed the highest performance. XLR and Speak on connectors make it compatible with almost any professional devices. Despite its compact size 1U, these power amplifiers can be loaded with loudspeakers from 500W to 1,5 kW.


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New DMPA Light media amplifiers

DMPA Light media amplifiers audio setup makes easy.


New mixing amplifiers DMPA 30 Light and DMPA 60 Light fully replaces MPA 30 and MPA 60 models. DMPA Light - Class-D audio amplifiers with integrated media USB player with AUX input, Bluetooth and FM radio receivers, 1 microphone input, emergency mute control. Priority microphone input and phantom power activation features add more versatility to any public address system. Very compact design will allow using these amplifiers in different places and ensures easy access to your audio system control.


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Product catalog

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