Professional RF 55 column loudspeaker addition to the RF lineup

RF 55 is a 250 W column loudspeaker for high quality audio in installed systems, combining high output and tonal qualities suitable for music playback as well as spoken word. Loudspeaker comes in 2x5” + 2x0.75” configuration, providing 120° horizontal and 20° vertical dispersion. Multiple RF 55 units can be mounted together and flown using optional RF B55 mounting kit, or a single unit can be wall-mounted using included bracket or universal angle RF UB bracket. The cabinet body is made of robust paint coated plywood, with dual phoenix and speakON input and link connectors for easy installation.


Mounting options
Like other RF series professional loudspeakers, RF 55 can be mounted in various ways. In the box loudspeaker comes with included vertical wall-mounting bracket. It is also compatible with RF UB universal angle mounting bracket (order separately)


Interconnecting units
Another accessory compatible with RF 55 is RF B55 mounting kit. It allows connecting two RF 55 loudspeakers together (vertically) and includes fly-mounting adapter for suspended mounting. Mounting two RF 55 loudspeakers extends vertical dispersion from 20° to 40°

The new RF 55 column loudspeaker is already available for order.


See RF 55 technical details here >>

DSP8X8 digital audio signal processor for voice and music

Sound processor with 8X8 input/output matrix for conference and background music systems. The device works both with line-level and microphone-level audio signals, has a individual +48V power supply for each input. The processor can fully automate audio systems based on input priorities, also has the ability to control the positions of PTZ video cameras via RS485 or RS232. GPIO is also available to control main DSP parameters or indicate DSP status. The device has wide management capabilities both via Windows software and via RS232 or RS485, TCP/IP, so it can be integrated with other building automation or equipment management systems. Control of certain functions is also possible with the buttons and LCD screen on the device itself.

Each audio channel has the usual functions of gain, noise gate, low/high cut filters, EQ, delay, compressor, limiter. It also features much more advanced AFC, AEC, AGC and FIR filters. The Auto Audio Mixer function can automatically control mix volume based on set priorities, making the device ideal for conference audio systems that use multiple microphones simultaneously.


DSP8X8 technical data >>

DSP4X6 compact audio processing unit for line level signals

DSP4X6 is a small device with 4 inputs and 6 outputs for processing line-level audio signals. Controlled through an application running on Windows OS, the processor is designed to optimize loudspeaker sound parameters in permanent installations. It can be used to route audio signals to one or more outputs (4x6 signal matrix), to be used as an active crossover, etc. AMC suggests DSP4X6 for use with the recently released RF professional loudspeaker models RF6, RF10, RFS12 - the processor comes with factory set parameters for using this series of loudspeakers.

Each channel has gain, noise gate, crossover, input/output 10-band PEQ, delay, limiter functions, so there are enough tools to optimize the sound system. One thing this device doesn't have is the control options other than via USB using a dedicated Windows app. This somewhat limits the ability of this processor to be integrated into larger automated systems, keeps the device at a low price. The DPS4X6 is a reliable and practical processor for systems where the sound parameters will not need to be changed often.


DSP4X6 technical data >>

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