New 04 and 05 loudspeakers

New design loudspeakers for clear and rich sound.


AMC Baltic proudly introduces loudspeakers 05 and 04 the first models of a new generation loudspeaker family. Experienced audio engineers have developed loudspeakers with a very responsive woofer diaphragm and tweeter with outstanding clear and rich sound at any volume level, which would not be possible without precise crossover implementation. Robust and durable body, aluminum grill allows to use these loudspeakers inside and outside. We focused on every detail to create a loudspeaker design that perfectly fits the modern interiors and would be accepted by most architects.
A built-in 100 V transformer and 16 Ω power tap make these loudspeakers suitable for background music and public address systems, as well as for home use with low impedance installations.
Big attention has been directed to simplifying installation works and adjusting the cabinet for the final position. Loudspeakers can be mounted vertically and horizontally, the logo rotates depending on its position. Smart mounting brackets are letting mount and adjust the loudspeakers in a very easy way with wide angles horizontally and vertically.


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New automatic Weekly Player

Time to plan your ads and announcements the simple way!


Weekly Player plays audio files according to the schedule list which was programmed on PC and recorded on SD card. This player can play music between the scheduled announcements if programmed so. For a quick and easy announcement start, the player provides direct access buttons for four recorded audio messages. The player has microphone input with priority and phantom power. It supports external control in order to play or stop audio files remotely via eight dry contacts.


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New members of DMPA Light

DMPA Light media amplifiers audio setup makes easy.


New models in DMPA Light family - more powerful options DMPA 120 Light and DMPA 240 Light power amplifiers. The new models will be produced instead of DMPA 60/120/240 models.

DMPA Light - Class-D audio amplifiers with integrated media USB player with AUX input, Bluetooth and FM radio receivers, 1 microphone input, emergency mute control. Priority microphone input and phantom power activation features add more versatility to any public address system. A very compact design will allow using these amplifiers in different places and ensures easy access to your audio system control.


DMPA 240 Light is available from the end of October.


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Product catalog

Wherever you go, wherever public facility you visit-a good, reliable sound system is mandatory. With over 10 years of experience, AMC BALTIC provides the best possible solutions and redefines the benchmark for affordable commercial sound equipment. Specializing in Public Address and other commercial sound applications, AMC line of products covers the needs of even the most demanding of contractors.