iAC installation amplifiers with upgraded DSP

The next generation iAC installation amplifiers with upgraded DSP functions.


The new 120W, 240W, 360W and 2X240W models currently will be available alongside existing iAC models and will completely replace them in the following year.


What‘s new in iAC DSP series

The DSP chip inside the new amplifiers brings more sound control in form of 6-point freely adjustable parametric EQ, low and high pass filters, digital signal gate, limiter and output delay. Internal sound processing also allows flexible internal input-output routing or bridging in iAC 2x240 DSP model.

All models feature silent fan mode, which allows running amplifiers in quiet environments. Also output mode (70V/100V or low impedance) setting is also internal and is set via device menu. Just like in previous iAC series generation, RS-232 control is available on all models for full control, making iAC amplifiers the perfect choice for integration with automated systems.


Amplifiers that speak DANTE language

All of our iAC series amplifiers are available with Dante digital audio network cards. This is a great option for large audio systems where sound distribution is done exclusively in digital format. This is an optional feature, as standard iAC models come with analog audio inputs only.


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