DSP4X6 compact audio processing unit for line level signals

DSP4X6 is a small device with 4 inputs and 6 outputs for processing line-level audio signals. Controlled through an application running on Windows OS, the processor is designed to optimize loudspeaker sound parameters in permanent installations. It can be used to route audio signals to one or more outputs (4x6 signal matrix), to be used as an active crossover, etc. AMC suggests DSP4X6 for use with the recently released RF professional loudspeaker models RF6, RF10, RFS12 - the processor comes with factory set parameters for using this series of loudspeakers.

Each channel has gain, noise gate, crossover, input/output 10-band PEQ, delay, limiter functions, so there are enough tools to optimize the sound system. One thing this device doesn't have is the control options other than via USB using a dedicated Windows app. This somewhat limits the ability of this processor to be integrated into larger automated systems, keeps the device at a low price. The DPS4X6 is a reliable and practical processor for systems where the sound parameters will not need to be changed often.


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