DSP8X8 digital audio signal processor for voice and music

Sound processor with 8X8 input/output matrix for conference and background music systems. The device works both with line-level and microphone-level audio signals, has a individual +48V power supply for each input. The processor can fully automate audio systems based on input priorities, also has the ability to control the positions of PTZ video cameras via RS485 or RS232. GPIO is also available to control main DSP parameters or indicate DSP status. The device has wide management capabilities both via Windows software and via RS232 or RS485, TCP/IP, so it can be integrated with other building automation or equipment management systems. Control of certain functions is also possible with the buttons and LCD screen on the device itself.

Each audio channel has the usual functions of gain, noise gate, low/high cut filters, EQ, delay, compressor, limiter. It also features much more advanced AFC, AEC, AGC and FIR filters. The Auto Audio Mixer function can automatically control mix volume based on set priorities, making the device ideal for conference audio systems that use multiple microphones simultaneously.


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