Sound projectors

SPM aluminum sound projectors

SPM – metal sound projectors. Robust and solid aluminium body construction, built-in full range speaker, 100V transformer with power taps, and IP55 rating are SPM features. These sound projectors are ideal choice for supermarkets, pools, warehouses, factory buildings, railway stations, car parking lots, petrol stations. Dust and water resistance is the reason why this sound projector can be used in open air as well. 

SPM 20 aluminum sound projectors
Rated power
Transformer power taps
92 dB (1W/1m)
Frequency response
130 Hz - 15 kHz
138 mm x 205 mm
White RAL9018

SPM20 aluminium body 20W power sound projectors with U-bracket used to be mounted in public and industrial areas without negative influence to interior and exterior environments. Quality sound restoring, U-bracket, 100V transformers power taps, 140° sound dispersion and 130Hz – 15kHz frequency response make these sound projectors suitable for music reproduction as well as for voice announcements. SPM20 has built-in 5" (127 mm) full range speaker.